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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Is whiskey Good with Juice ??

This is a frequently asked question by a lot of drinkers...
I also used to wonder that is alcohol good with juice or not...i searched google for the answers,there i found some answers in some forums that its good and i started drinking my whiskey in juice like real juice etc One day i was in a party ... and asked the bartender " Whiskey with juice and 4 ice cubes...he made my drink...but when next time i asked him to repeat my order...he asked me "Sir do you always drink whiskey like that" i replied (proudly) - Yess...he said sir let me give a suggestion...please stop drinking whiskey with juice...its not good for your harms you sir...!!!

Thats a real life story...i could not ask the reason ...but i got my answer...from that day i never mix juice with my drinks....

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