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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Is whiskey Good with Juice ??

This is a frequently asked question by a lot of drinkers...
I also used to wonder that is alcohol good with juice or not...i searched google for the answers,there i found some answers in some forums that its good and i started drinking my whiskey in juice like real juice etc One day i was in a party ... and asked the bartender " Whiskey with juice and 4 ice cubes...he made my drink...but when next time i asked him to repeat my order...he asked me "Sir do you always drink whiskey like that" i replied (proudly) - Yess...he said sir let me give a suggestion...please stop drinking whiskey with juice...its not good for your harms you sir...!!!

Thats a real life story...i could not ask the reason ...but i got my answer...from that day i never mix juice with my drinks....

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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Thursday, 30 October 2014

SuperWoman Real Name !!!

SuperWoman's Real name is Lily Singh .....She is a Punjabi Girl of Canada...!!!

Raftaar Rapper Real Name Original Name

Raftaar Claims that Yo Yo Honey Singh and many other ditched him...and his songs suggests that they also stole his lyrics and songs....Raftaar Real Name Original name is Yash makhija !!! Yess Makhija...!!!
Swag Mera Desi Bajao....Raftaar ko aage badhao...!!!
Tera Bhai Kis se kam hai...tere bhai mein bhi dum hai !!!

Just Search Raftaar on Google,Youtube ..... !!!!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Meaning of Pav in Vada Pav

Whenever we hear the word "VadaPav". We assume that VadaPav must be a Marathi word as it sounds like Marathi. Vada means that circular shaped Fried mashed potato with besan Coating and Pav means bread. Pav looks like a Marathi name for Bread but i think in actual it came from the Portuguese word PAO which means Bread.
As the Portuguese ruled over Goa for a long time. This word mush have come from them and had mixed in our culture and lifestyle.

  Many thanks to Google for this great translator.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Vijay Stambh (Tower of Victory) Chittorgarh Rajasthan India Photo

Vijay Stambha was built by Rana Kumbha (King of Mewar) to celebrate his victory over mahmud khilji in 15th century.It is a part of Chittorgarh Fort.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Movie Review - Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhalnia

HSKD is a mash up of some bollywood flicks...It is quite predictable but 1-2 scenes are unique....The characters are chosen quite beautifully...1 scene makes it "not to watch it with family"...that scene could have been avoided.
The story starts with quite introducton of main cast and ends up with nice indian end. Spoiler Alert- No Climax.
There are some comedy scenes which make u laugh....but you see in theatre some people laugh literally at any pathetic comedy scene.That makes our country diverse and make room for any kind of non sense movie.
Alia Bhatt has acted well.Varun also acted well but literally in every scene he is crying.poplu is the only unique character as his 1 liners and dialouges are seems he is the only one on which the makers did some hardwork.
I give it 5 out 10
1 for alia,1 for varun,1 for poplu,1 for alia's father acting and the final 1 for hotel scene.
If you have extra money and extra time go for this movie.
Kindly comment,critisize or share my review if you have ample time to waste like me.
                        ---- Suneet Yadav

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Why I need Mr. Narendra Modi as my Nation's Prime Minister - Namo is the Next PM of India !!!

Undoubtably Narendra Modi is the Most Deserving Candidate for the Post of Prime Minister of the Greatest Democracy of the World -India.
Check out Yourself -
No other CM can do this much of development and welfare.
He is the No.1 CM in India. Far much better than over hyped Shiela Dikshit.
Jai Hind -  Jai Bharat

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Khalda wale Hanuman Ji -Lord Hanuman Statue (Hanuman Murti) --Located at Raghunathpura Narnaul Haryana (India)

Great Statue of Great Lord Hanuman Located at Raghunathpura Village
Near Narnaul (Haryana). (Near Firing Range).
Famous name - Khalda Wale Hanuman Ji

Jai Hanuman ----- Jai Bajrang Bali ------ Jai Shree Ram