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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Movie Review - Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhalnia

HSKD is a mash up of some bollywood flicks...It is quite predictable but 1-2 scenes are unique....The characters are chosen quite beautifully...1 scene makes it "not to watch it with family"...that scene could have been avoided.
The story starts with quite introducton of main cast and ends up with nice indian end. Spoiler Alert- No Climax.
There are some comedy scenes which make u laugh....but you see in theatre some people laugh literally at any pathetic comedy scene.That makes our country diverse and make room for any kind of non sense movie.
Alia Bhatt has acted well.Varun also acted well but literally in every scene he is crying.poplu is the only unique character as his 1 liners and dialouges are seems he is the only one on which the makers did some hardwork.
I give it 5 out 10
1 for alia,1 for varun,1 for poplu,1 for alia's father acting and the final 1 for hotel scene.
If you have extra money and extra time go for this movie.
Kindly comment,critisize or share my review if you have ample time to waste like me.
                        ---- Suneet Yadav

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